Haze exp height crash

Started by Urantia Jerry, August 08, 2017, 01:58:50 pm

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Urantia Jerry


After updating Terragen this last time, it crashes on my machine every time I do the following: Atmosphere - Height Control - Haze exp height - And then I highlight the "2000" to change it to "1350" - and as soon as I type in the "1" - I get 29 errors saying: An unknown error occurred in trBucketRender::RenderMore()rey-traced pass.

Has anyone else experienced this?  Thank you -Jerry


Confirmed. This might be the first reproducible crash we have for 4.1 and it may help explain some of the other more random-seeming ones we're seeing around. We'll definitely look into it, thank you!

- Oshyan


We'll release a fix for this soon.
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