Alpine Squall

Started by fleetwood, September 09, 2017, 10:57:56 pm

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Simple one. Alpine fractal, a couple snow layers, rcallicotte's "storm brewing" fractal and seed, updated and tweaked to use a V3 cloud. As an experiment set GI in clouds to still/high.
24 hour render.


Strangely awesome clouds, nice adaptation. The snow worked a treat didn't it...fine image over all.
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Great great mood and lights here. Very nice shot.
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Terrific piece. The light is wonderful, so are the clouds.


Great sense of drama and mood in a simple composition, nicely done.


Denis Sirenko

Cool atmosphere! On the clouds a wonderful light, too. But they are somehow strange in form. As if slightly stretched vertically. Is this an artistic decision or an accident?


The fractal has no stretched scales, but naturally seems to have storm and virga like features, so I guess what you see is both an extra chaotic look of that fractal and then an artistic choice as to densities and where to locate it, using the transform shader. Again, the fractal was found and shared by rcallicotte as already having good stormy qualities.


Very dramatic, I like it!

I think it's the warp setting in the cloud fractal which causes the stretching or...well...the warp :)

Denis Sirenko

I understood.

Tangled-Universe, I have the same suspicion.

Probably I was confused that the small forms of the clouds are stretched in the same direction and scale as the large ones. The brain perceives this as a general mechanical stretching.


A separate warper would give more control.


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