Problem rendering animation without Ray traced objects

Started by zepeu, September 17, 2017, 06:46:59 am

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Hello world !

Well, I've been trying to make an animation of grass blown by waves of air. I think I'm on a good path :-)

I read these posts where about everything is explained :,20353.msg201597.html#msg201597

I used a power fractal over the power fractal producing the "wind effect of the blades".
To create waves, I simply increase the feature scale.

I don't want to use mesh displacer because I'd like to be able to move just the leaves of a tree and not the trunk, that's just a first test (moreover there is no mesh displacer for the grass here :p )
Also, as said in the posts linked before, in this case I can't use the ray traced objects as the deformation of the blades is not supported :-/ (only the shadows move, not the model)

It could be looking nice if these horrible "yellow squares" didn't appear...  :o (see the pictures)

I made different tests, and actually when I renderer with or without ray trace objects, I got this result :
With the ray trace ON

With the ray trace OFF

But, strangely, if I create another population of grass, and copy past the fractals in it, I got this result :

With the ray trace ON

With the ray trace OFF

Could anyone explain me what's happening?
I think it comes from the rendering mode, but I don't understand fully how it works...
I tried to change a bit everything without success, Light, camera, rendering, it comes from somewhere there as when I move the sun, the "yellow squares" move too, but don't disappear :'(

Anyway, you'll find a GIF of the animation here :
It goes a bit too fast, but it's a matter of settings  ;)

And the file is linked to the post ;)



Looks like inconsistencies between render buckets. I'm not sure why that would be happening though. You can try increasing Displacement Tolerance in the grass object (on the Surface Shaders tab of the generating object, inside of the population node). Hmm, also I notice you are using the Fractal Wind node as the breakup shader for a Surface Layer in the main network, and Fractal Wind is animated. This may be the problem...

- Oshyan