Erosion in 4 renders

Started by luvsmuzik, November 10, 2017, 06:41:10 am

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Nice set, the first one is the most natural looking, that said they all have good qualities about them


Thanks ya go bobby...combo for ya...hehe :)



Quote from: luvsmuzik on March 16, 2018, 11:47:05 pm
Thanks ya go bobby...combo for ya...hehe :)

perfecto, gracias!
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Here is Denis Sirenko's cloud warping method,
2 cloud layers,
warpers scaled to 1/10th all, with transform input,
cloud height  800 and 1200,
altitude 0 and 5. coverage -0.3,
edge sharpness 40 and 50.
density 0.001 and 0.002
For my purposes radius is 10,000.


WIP adding to previous render

Now with 5 cloud layers, 2 for flames, 3 smoke junk, render time at 30 minutes. Adding previous features little by little.


I wonder if some Y stretching may effect a localized cloud like it does a sphere. It stretching the mid area a bit. It would add height to the fire. If not maybe a smaller scale would make more realistic flames with a depth modulator following the flame detail (though this will increase render time).
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Yes, it can be done that way. DandelO  :)did one of the first that I saw done. I put a link to that file for you in my Scene from the Observatory where you first asked this. The file is in a post titled Sorry Marc_Orange County. It is titled such because he basically destroys Marc Gebhart's trees in a forest fire. I do believe file was done around the time of one the US west coast famous forest fires.

I know the type stretching you mean like some do tree bark or wood planks, PFs are very useful, hey? Of course ya gotta have some noise.... :)


Still using Denis Sirenko's nebula warp
Erosion Classic flow, wear, and water maps to RGB
masked fake stone distribution

Needs a smoke plume or fumage (just found the files for those  :))



Looks like hell! ;) Cool isn't the right word. Hot!


New erosion WIP

Changing cloudy sky to sun with soft shadows next render, 45 min render so far , atmo haze at 4


Changed haze and activated soft shadows.

This is an old TG9 terrain, imported for Classic Erosion plugin. Notice I was able to use a single population of trees for the entire terrain. Yay!