Ghost objects

Started by N-drju, November 12, 2017, 01:02:45 pm

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I discovered a very peculiar bug. There are several objects that I am currently using in my project as populations. However, the exact clones of these objects are hanging right in the middle of my workspace... These are ghosts - cannot be selected, nor moved and are not taken into consideration in the general object count of their respective populations. Still, they are out there...

Note that the clones appearing in the middle are from those populations that have a cache assigned to them.


These ghost objects are, fortunately, not visible in the renders but it is very strange anyway...

Is it possible that TG just somehow stores the object information right within the scene? Planetside team, are you able to reproduce this bug? (make a small population of any object away from zero coords, move all the instances around, then, save population cache.)
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