TG4 Creative sunset

Started by luvsmuzik, November 18, 2017, 07:08:00 PM

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animation tests



Continuing testing  :)

clouds move 1000 meters right (x) and 1000 meters diagonal (z)
camera angle minor pan up
50 frames

Clouds move link


Good start. I'm glad to see more people experimenting with animation. :)

- Oshyan



Thanks Oshyan and Hannes! Quite an easy adjustment from loading scripts a few years back. I have always liked Terragen's 3D cloud system and terrain generation. Saving clip files to keep atmosphere or specific settings is also a great feature. The ability to add objects now is awesome and makes Terragen a powerful source of creativity.


Thank you Kadri!

Here is my new experiment, of which I have asked a question in another post.

I am rock, you are sphere:

I fall from the sky to hit you
You dodge and I miss
I run after you and I hit you
To pieces I shatter
You run away
I chase you and again I hit you
Again I shatter
I fly up away
You jump to the finish!


Thanks Dune for help on setting animation key location.



Still using the motion trail setup....
All right, here I tried to imitate water moving.....I see my base color layer being churned into the path as well, would that have something to do with the settings on the SSS?

I can see where this might work as a lava trail or fire path assigned to a flame object


Trying lots of ideas
Dunes simple river setup from file sharing.
This attempt at sparkling water is loosely based on Hanne's No Umbrella animation found here,21058.msg210483.html#msg210483

I only did three frames with new seed and distribution on each sparkle population, repopulating each frame. Then I copy/paste the sequence repeatedly and set the time in editor. This is probably where if I was brilliant I could render some sort of alpha mask layer for just the water, but I am not brilliant.
I know it needs work, but that is the fun part.  :) I want to try animating the upper water fall type so my masks are different by altitude but it is working so far.



Import sequence success!
Tiny file just for trial be continued...saved this in a different format, as my tablet won't load animations from here unless on YouTube....this is still an mp4 so I don't know.....


Here is another easy one, WIP as my new power really shows some polygon problems..looks like a vertex or three may have to be pinched a little on the barn roof.
I have soft shadows, but wonder about the shadow flicker in background trees? Is that from the reflective snow on the trees?

This one was easy, two frame animation repeat copy paste. I am still working on a good walking sequence, but it is getting there.
Frame 1 of 2 shown below.