Vector displacement from arbitrary geometry : Houdini to Terragen

Started by paq, December 21, 2017, 02:55:09 pm

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j meyer

Did you already try to flip the whole map vertically or horizontally?


Quote from: Dune on March 25, 2020, 02:17:07 amHow do you mean, intersect? If the displacements point the wrong way, the vdsip map may originally not be done in the right 'definition' (can't remember the right word). Or you could try flipping the X or Z by splitting the vdisp up into color channels, and reattaching them to a build vector, but with other inputs (X to Z, Z to X). At least that is what I had to do sometimes in the past.


Coming from Houdini, you don't need to swap any channels, but you need to flip the Z.

Either: Flip the Z value in the Image Map Shader simply by enabling "Multiply RGB" and changing the 3rd value to -1.

Or: Flip the Z value in the Vector Displacement Shader by changing the Z multiplier to -1.
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Hi guys.thank you very much finally i get the right touble me some days.

i flip the y axis in the flip/repeat tab and alter "date is linear" in the colour table of the image colour node.the it works.

i am appreciated very much and you kind guys save me lot of time.