Me? Spam?

Started by Urantia Jerry, December 22, 2017, 09:08:31 am

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Urantia Jerry

Twice now I have been stopped, and told that my computer was identified as a bot trying to spam the forum.

I ran two thorough anti-virus checks that came back clean, with both Total AV antivirus, and Windows Defender.

Next I will try Malware Bytes Anti Malware.

Could it be true?  Has anyone else had this happen to them?



Sometimes the anti-spam systems can get paranoid about IP addresses from "spam-heavy" countries, like Russia, China, etc. This is an unfortunate "collateral damage". I would guess your IP address changes regularly, do you know?

- Oshyan

Urantia Jerry

I have been using Kaspersky Secure Connection, and while the settings are set to the United States, I would guess that the IP address does change.


I wonder if any of this has to do with my T-Mobile 4G LTE not being able to access the server at all on a network level. I have to activate my VPN in Seattle. It was working fine this morning, than I went to make a second thread and it just timed out and upon resubmitting the request got a service unavailable.