Best wishes for 2018

Started by Dune, December 26, 2017, 12:22:29 pm

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I wanted to wish all of you guys and girls a very good 2018. Lots of good health and renders!

I also wish to pass on best wishes from Nils (he asked me to).

No accompanying render, as I'm very busy  ;)


Same to you! Let's have a productive 2018!


May the TG be with you in 2018.
Happy Holidays for all of you guys and girls!
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Agura Nata

For you too!

Many great TG projects and a nice 2018 for all and your Family :)
"Live and Learn!"

j meyer

 :) Same to you.
And of course to Nils, all the best.

Have a good one y'all.


Happy Holidays and here's to a great New Year!

- Oshyan


Dune, same to you! And thanks for all the inspiring artwork!


Many happy renders and may all your plans and wishes be fulfilled in the upcoming year! And thanks for all the support so many of you have offered to me this year!
"This year - a factory of semiconductors. Next year - a factory of whole conductors!"


Happy holidays all and a great new year. Keep them renders commin'




Happy New Year to all! Wishes of good health and happiness for this coming year!

Nacer Eddine

Happy new year (this is my clip for last year)