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Started by René, January 17, 2018, 01:56:14 am

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I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do. So far only some new rock structures tested.


You're a winner anyway, so pick any  ;) I love these structures, but liggend 10 is the most realistic in my eyes. Great work, René!


It will probably come down to it again that I have so many tests that I can't make a choice.  :P


Gee these are awesome! Perhaps after the contest you can make a tutorial how to do these or similar rocks?
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Great start.
I really like  jgfj.jj and liggend.
You got some really good square, angular shapes there.
Looking forward to more :)

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Wow, first I thought there are some reference images as well... :)


I like especially the second one. Great rocks already :)


Spectacular! There are too many aspects of the various images to single any one out as best, but certainly whatever combination of your excellent technique that is submitted should yield a prize. Thankfully you can only enter one!  ;)


Very nice Rene, I expected nothing less than this level of quality

j meyer

 8) 10 liggend and jgfj.jj are most promising.


Thank you all for your comments.
I think I'm going to explore this scene a little more.


Quote from: René on January 18, 2018, 05:34:16 am
I think I'm going to explore this scene a little more.

Goood idea !


You know, looking at these structures, especially the ones from "10 liggend" makes me think it's best to drop the towel right now.  ;) There's a core of truth to that, there's a little voice yelling "Give it up! You stand no chance!"... But on the other hand it makes me think "Ha, René may have the best rocks in town, but I still think I have the best ideas!"  ;D
I'm really looking forward to see how this develops!
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Good ideas look better with good rocks   :P   ;)
Go for it! :)