Dune's cliff

Started by Dune, January 17, 2018, 10:17:27 AM

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I just keep on posting ideas and trials, but may come up with something very different in the end. So; another setup.

Too bad the fractal warp can't be controlled by altitude (at least I didn't get it to work).


The lower part looks great, but the upper part of the mountain somehow looks a bit like creamed. Is this accidental or is the snow distributed differently?


No, it's just a trial, and I attempted to give the top a soft snowy look, but the fractal warper can't be restricted to altitude. I also added some strata, but that didn't come out well either. Just a trial, I'll keep on messing  ;) But yes, snow is distributed differently too; lower by displacement intersection, top by slope only.


Ah OK, Ulco. Keep on trying! :)


I did  ;)


It's always fun to watch you push the possible in TG!


The last one is not a winner unless at a humor contest...  ;D
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Oh that is very "Ice Age". Nice one :)

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I see a human head looking up into the sky.  The nose is a little small, but I think you might be able to see it.  ;)


Looking awesome...love that snow!
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another one.


A great sense of scale! Some minor crit: to me the top looks a bit too evenly covered in snow. As if it was painted. Shouldn't there be some spots without snow?


I could do that (and I might), but sometimes you see tops that are completely just all snow. Like this.

I need a free skier  ;)