Hannes' Cliff WIPs

Started by Hannes, January 19, 2018, 05:41:52 AM

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I love the camp site and the rock formation.
The figures less so.
Unless you can get some REALLY good characters then I'd leave them out as the detract from the rest of the scene.

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Thanks all! It's good to hear other opinions and maybe to take a break and have a look at your image with fresh eyes.


Next step. Not happy with the clouds yet.


Fantastic!  Very natural and real.


A bit busy, because of the harsh dark-light areas. Maybe up the environmental light...


Actually I maybe increased the contrast in PW too much.


Sorry for not posting any update for the last few days, but I was mainly trying out objects to make my scene a scene.
I had the impression that after Ulco mentioned, that my scene reminded me of my archeaological camp, I could use some Indiana Jones character. So I searched for some 3d models, but could only find either very low poly stuff or expensive untextured busts.
So I assembled my Indy by using some free models I found in the net: A character with a jacket (which was no leather jacket initially), a head (that doesn't look like Harrison Ford at all), a Fedora hat (not UV mapped or grouped, so it was a lot of work to separate the hat and the hatband), a machete, which I built myself in 3ds max, and a fist that holds it.

The Nazi characters are free models I found as well in the net. I put all characters through Mixamo to get some appropriate poses.

The tree in the center is created with TreeIt, which René posted here: (Thanks again!!!)

I purchased a rope bridge at Turbosquid, but couldn't use it as it was, because it was too short. So I had to do some kit bashing and used some of the parts to create a suiting bridge for my scene. I also added some Ivy to it to make it more natural and worn.

This image is pure TG output in 1600 X 900 resolution. No PW so far.

I guess I will take this one as entry when it's finished unless I can make something else that I like more...


...by the way, the splash of the Nazi soldier running through the water is actually a white grass clump.


great stuff!! Love this Indiana Jones scene!!!!!!!
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Again awesome! Your terrain I like a lot with obvious variation! Scene setup superb!


Oh heck yeah, fun stuff! I only think that dead tree on the other side of the bridge is a bit like an octopus. :D But it's a great scene.

- Oshyan


Never be sorry when posting something this mind blowingly good...
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I prefer the cliff on your picture (Eat and be eaten) for the original of the cliff and vegetation. But this last image is clearly superior in composition, more dynamic too. The elements that compose it are well disposed.
I find the characters a little dark especially those in the water (maybe my monitor?).
The tree is actually strange but curiously I like it. I have the impression that he is furious and that he is also pursuing your character who holds the sword.
A nice addition to my sense.


Thanks guys!!! I had another tree in my scene before I created the octopus one. ;D ;D ;D


Love the last one without the people but the previous one had a great narrative and was a lot of fun!