15 miles on the Erie Canal

Started by sboerner, January 25, 2018, 11:05:04 am

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OK, this is probably closer to where this should be. I ended up using a low-powered second sun (strength 0.08), positioned opposite the "real" sun and with everything but surface illumination disabled, to boost the shadows. Not a big fan of this in theory but here it means much smaller moves in Lightroom are needed to get the result I want.


I really like this version with just that bit of haze and softness! With more cloud you may have gotten more light in the shadows, also with pathtracing, but this is a nice solution.


Thanks, Ulco. I made a print-resolution rendering and spotted some technical flaws that weren't visible before. Once those are fixed I think this one will be a wrap. I'm planning to start a new thread for the next project soon. Hopefully that one won't take quite as long.


Especially on big renders a small mistake is easily made, like forgetting a shader on a sand/stone (or a broken link!), and ending up with tiny white dots, not visible on small render, but very visible on a wall 4x12m ;) >:(  So, if that's what's the plan, check well!
I am very curious about your next project. You have quite some experience now.


Congrats on bringing this one to a close! Looking forward to seeing what you embark on next. :)

- Oshyan




Thank you! An Erie Canal historian has agreed to take a look at it to check for inaccuracies. Here's hoping that he doesn't find much . . .