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Started by Jo Kariboo, February 05, 2018, 10:28:46 AM

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Third is definitely my favorite and GREAT STUFF! I really like what you've done here. I would dump the guy and rabbit though and add a more serious greenery cover. Not too much, few trees, shrub, grasses... in designated areas, not to compromise the design and focus.


These are great. I think I prefer the previous set with softer shadows. Also I agree with Ulco, get rid of the guy and rabbit.

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I like this sort of lighting. It reminds me a bit of some shots of landscape photographer Mark Littlejohn. Worth a look at his work when you get time.

Jo Kariboo

Thanks all for comments, suggestions and link!

Trying effect of long exposure in water and ... strange light under water.

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#27 is just stunning! Wow!


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Wonderful colors and mood!


This is a very nice un earthly image but to be frank  I like amuseroc20 a lot more
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Jo Kariboo

The number 29 is a variant of the number 17 and the number 30 is a new image of the long exposure series.
I think I'll stop and rework a WIP I posted here. Currently I have some ideas, but what would be best to participate in the contest?  ::)
The number 1, why not. :P