World Machine 3 Build 3014 released

Started by DannyG, February 12, 2017, 02:43:47 pm

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February 12, 2017, 02:43:47 pm Last Edit: February 12, 2017, 03:57:57 pm by Danny
Another reason I am glad I updated to v3. It appears Stephen is still plugin away.

Version 3.build3014 (February 6, 2017)


An update that provides several very useful new features is now available!

Due to the extended development delay of this release, all users who purchased an update within the last 14 months have received an additional year of updates. More details will be forthcoming about other World Machine developments that have been in development over the last year.

This release contains the following new additions to World Machine:

* 3D View now has a Before & After mode that will help you directly inspect the effects of a device instead of navigating back and forth in your device graph.

* Major improvement to the River Reach device:

- River device now supports multiple rivers

- River hierarchies are now supported; you may add branches and tributaries to rivers, and they will become attached and adjusted

    to match their parent at the join

- Each contained reach supports its own unique set of parameters and GCS character

- Much improved river path tools and simplified river creation and editing.

* Improved Device Versioning ability, and fixed remaining issues with it.

* Displacement device gains new version that works in meters, supports new distortion types

* Ramp device gains offset parameter that works with both Linear and Standard ramps, more easily allowing various special effects.

* Combiner now uses masks appropriately for Extract Differences, Differences Magnitude

* Curve devices:

- Added Phase Modulation, Average combining modes to Curve Combiner

- Added Curve Chooser

- Perlin Curve gains amplitude control

- Made curve preview more usable

* Bugfixes for various crash and serious issues in Build 3011.

- Fixed major bug where nested macros would not build properly

- Fixed crash when device morphing output

- Fixed bug where water surface was not displayed properly

- Improved handling of abberant situations where World Machine would have crashed previously

- Fixed odd situation where Layout resolution was being inappropriately limited

- Fixed several other reported crash bugs

- Improved future reporting and warning of loading worlds from newer version of WM.

* Several new examples and macros to help use the new River device
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The World Machine website has been updated and the free Basic Edition had also been updated to Build 3019.


WoW, that's thats huge. Lets see where that goes
New World Digital Art
Media: facebook|Twitter|Instagram