After the rain the riverbank

Started by gao_jian11, January 05, 2018, 03:50:36 am

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Also need to add some plants.I Rene said the experiment "Blue sky density is set to 9 to make the beams of light clearly visible."But I can't come out effect of the beam.


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In one version is like this。


Lovely lovely! That sky could yield a hundred or so renders! Peaceful journey!



I like both versions, but the sunset one is particularly nice. The bluesky setting Rene used is not what I would call a universal trick for getting beams (godrays); it worked well in his case, but it's not generally what I'd recommend for rays. It depends much more on appropriate sun placement and cloud settings, and a bit on atmosphere settings (a slightly thicker but not too thick atmosphere is good, i.e. slightly increased Haze).

- Oshyan


Mimic Oshyan. Nice set up and moody light


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You refer to an atypical Terragen scene. :) Because it concerned an interior, I had to cheat; a thick atmosphere and fog is not something you often see in a building.
God rays are a consequence of cloud shadows in the atmosphere and a lot of hassles are needed to get it right. A slightly thicker atmosphere can make the rays more visible.
Nevertheless, I think you created an attractive render.  :D

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Ariel DK

Nice work dude, echo on what the others said, and please, increase the trees density a bit
and make them a little more big. the two versions are good for me! :)
Hmmm, what version of Terragen does God use?


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