The Orville

Started by WAS, March 02, 2018, 07:03:35 pm

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Is the Orville using Terragen for planets? I only question this because unlike other planets I see in shows, the clouds in particular look somewhat basic, and only utilizing globals with masks and what looks to be a the Fractal Warp shader.


I did planets/terrain in Terragen for The Orville on EPS 04 and 05

You wouldn't believe the internal fuckery on those shows.

The earlier stuff, and maybe things on later episodes, I think may have been done over at COSA using vue


Internal f**kery? What do you mean? I'm a  particular fan of Seth MacFarlanes endeavors in other works (besides animation), and of the Orville. I run The Planetary Union on Facebook. Any details you could forward me would be most appreciative within the confines of any contractual agreements or gags. Love background information.

I think the planet I may be thinking of particularly is the Moclan homeworld, I believe it was. Really well done. Just spotted unique features to Terragen and got excited.