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Started by myriac, December 30, 2006, 11:35:18 AM

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hi fellows

how can i save surface shaders ? before tg2 they were *.srf files, what about now ?



Since Terragen 2 is node-based it is simply a matter of saving the correct group of nodes. Normally surface shaders will be in the Shaders group. Just right-click the group titlebar and choose "Save Nodes As Clip File". You can save any nodes this way and all will save with a .tgc (TerraGen Clip) file extension, so you will have to use descriptive naming to differentiate surface shaders from terrain clips, etc. When you want to re-use a clip just load it with File->Insert Clip File. You will have to manually reconnect it to the network in the appropriate place, but if you are mostly saving whole groups this should not be hard.

We hope to make it easier to import and export specific parts of the scene without having to use the node network.

- Oshyan


Will it be possible to collapse parts of the node network into one block too?
Things get pretty messy after a bit.
It would also be a lot clearer when you reload the clip file if it had been saved into a single , expandable, node.
Rub a little funk on it baby :D


Some functionality long those lines will probably be implemented. I agree it would be useful.

- Oshyan