Free vs. licensed version: what happened?

Started by ng123, March 23, 2018, 05:48:41 pm

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I was playing with the free version and made this little sky. I took a photo of it on the screen (before.jpg).
I then bought a license and loaded up Terragen 4 again. When I went to the saved project, I saw no sun in the preview, nor clouds. When I hit render, it came out very different than the preview, and nothing like it was before.

I thought maybe someone was wrong with the project file, but when I made a new project and went through the same steps, I couldn't see a sun or clouds.

Did I mess something up? Any advice?


This does not seem to have anything to do with Free version vs. Licensed.

Somehow your camera ended up upside down and *inside* the terrain (beneath the surface of the planet). I have never seen the camera position get lost if the TGD is properly saved, so it seems likely that you made some other edits - perhaps unknowingly - either after your render, prior to saving, or before your render and after a save. Possibly you changed the Planet's "Elevation", which in your scene is significantly different than in the default scene, and which changes the position of the entire planet by quite a lot. Simply changing the planet's Elevation back to the original value of 270 seems to put your camera above the terrain, although it doesn't replicate the original camera perspective and the camera is still upside down. Changing the Z rotation in the camera (the value on the far right for Rotation) puts it ride-side up again.

I have attached a TGD with the camera above the terrain, but it doesn't match your original camera position (which appears to be above the clouds). Simply move the camera up to get something similar.

- Oshyan


Not sure why Oshyan's file got a changed camera perspective.
I just changed the planet with the default planet and (i think) it looks like your scene.