Late to the Party

Started by J_Con, April 10, 2018, 11:41:33 PM

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Hello All.

I am a little bit late to this party. I only noticed the contest last week so thought I would try and create an image to test myself on a timeline. I did not upload any WIP's as I had very limited time at the computer.

On Re-Reading the rules, the image may not qualify as the Strata uses Dunes colors from a file he uploaded here. The Strata itself is from an explanation from "Danny "I think, on wavy Strata. (3rd Party Exceptions).

If I had more time I would change quite a few things.



It's a nice render and I hope you entered. Color tgc's or so are no problem, only massive external sculpts.


I think it's quite nice. For some reason I especially like the grass poking through the snow in the foreground. Quite a range of scales!

- Oshyan


Thank you all for your kind words.