As Mark Twain said: the report of my death was an exaggeration ;)

Started by DocCharly65, April 20, 2018, 04:00:39 am

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Hi there. I wouldn't say I'm back. But I think I'm fit enough to spend some time in the forum again - sometimes :) .

Excuse my absence. I had quite interesting and hard trouble with my health including a complete mental breakdown because of stress in every part of my life. The stress is still there but I have nice drugs now to ignore it :)

Nice to see that most buddies are still here and are quite creative. Sorry if I don't comment every of your nice works. But I'll watch them all.

And I'll keep mostly here in the animation sector. You didn't really think I would give up my film-project?  ;)
Perhaps I'll add a post in VR too, because in fact I had a long break from my film last year and did something more relaxing (of course TG had to be part but I concentrated on material for my occulus).

But now I told enough and I hope you enjoy some new aspects and experiments of my film project.
I hope the links work that you can download (I don't know how long I'll keep the cloud folder open, so feel free to download.

A big change since some months: I started to learn about rigging and animating in Blender...
These animation tests are just put together all the frames with Microsoft Moviemaker and mixed a bit music to check.
Have fun:

A new Galactica model and a love story on the enterprise:!AvEpmvBUHi6qgp9y9sQ4eLJ2UuZCHQ
The soldiers are purchased blender animations. Abe, Lara and Spock are manually animated by myself but the models I purchased already as rigged.

Riddicks Poolhouse and his pug puppet:!AvEpmvBUHi6qgp9zKOX89oH_YCYXlQ
The turtle is purchsed fully rigged and animated but the pug puppy is my first model what is fully self rigged and animated (only the model object itself ist purchased from Turbosquid


Hi there. It`s very nice to see you back here and up and running again! Let this forum be a turmoil free zone in your life.
CHeers, Klaus.
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Nice work and good to see you here again Nils.

Quote from: DocCharly65 on April 20, 2018, 04:00:39 am
Sorry if I don't comment every of your nice works. But I'll watch them all.

I don't comment on every thread. I didn't liked that kind of pressure i felt before (to comment on every thread).
I comment now only when i want. That doesn't mean that the others are bad at all.


We certainly are so glad you are back! :)
Awww you certainly got the hang of that rigging.  :) Links work great even with my MSOffice apps on the Apple tablet.  :) :)


Very nice to see your work here again! I'm sorry to hear of your health troubles, but I'm glad Terragen could be a part of your break too. :)

The animated models are fairly impressive. I'm glad to see you maintained your sense of humor too. ;)

- Oshyan



Just saw your posting, and I'm really glad, you're back. I can say, that I know how you felt. I had something similar some time ago, and I know, that it changes your life. Keep on, buddy!!!!!


Thank you all for the warm and kind "welcome back".
Nice to see you all again.

...and hey Oshyan, I had even some VR fun in fighting my "natural" fear of heights with Terragen and my Oculus Rift... I'll show later in the VR board ;)

Meanwhile I think I restarted some animation renders a thousand times. Just for example a short part of the millioin times changed and improved docking scene of the Enterprise.
Last night I AGAIN ;) restarted the animation render of the "inside hangar" scene because I had another ider for improvement of the Enterprise and found a mistake in the traffic light seqence at the end:
There comes a little yellow "cargo-bee" from the right and it would be more plausible if it comes a bit later. Then there could/should be a green-yellow-red sequence on the traffic lights.

But see on on your own:
Docking Enterprise Version 1.665.944 (or something like that :) )!AvEpmvBUHi6qgqAY7t70uCjt-dHinA

...and now first a visit at the VR board - then let's see what you all did in the last 2 years :)


 ;D ;D ;D ;D Just watched it.
The end is hilarious. But no spoilers now...


Thank you Hannes :)

... one of 1001 new little jokes and side blows ;)

I already checked you latest work(s). Cool stuff. I am still looking for a HQ version of "your home and your castle". am I blind and did I miss it?


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Good to see you here again, Doc! Nice updates to your movie!

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Thank you, Matt and Achonforest:)

Time for the next little update...

Meanwhile I restarted the rendering of the view of the Enterprise docking from inside the hangar again.

I wanted a new traffic lights sequence at the end (green - yellow - red) because there comes a vehicle from the right while traffic lights ar still green... Just for traffic safety :)

And I wanted some passersby as film extras when the San Francisco streetcar starts an empty journey (perhaps some people can confirm that my interpretation of the streetcar and the streetsign is after all, acceptable - though the streetcar is a scoda tram from budapest ;) )

The Man with the newspaper is by Julio Garcia for free on archive3D and the sitting woman was for free on turbosquid by FUTURESCAN. I rigged both on my own and tried an unobtrusive animation.
The standing girl is a complete animation for free at the moment at renderpeople. It was somehow a horrible job to transform the original fbx animation into blenderformat and export to obj-format for Terragen, but from far it looks ok I hope.

The complete 600 frames render job is already running and here is only an early cropped test with a positionchange within the sequence.!AvEpmvBUHi6qgqAZf4-KCKpVJNkblA