Starburst in animation test

Started by luvsmuzik, April 29, 2018, 01:48:54 pm

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Terragen file share StarryStarry_Night by KlausK. I did a 50 frame short animation. Using Blender 2.79 I took my 50 frame render, set frame rate at 10. My purpose was to see how the burst would do in animation. WIP Critiques HELP and Comments welcome.


Nice effect.

The camera has a bit too much movement. For checking the effect it could help you not to try too much at the same scene at the same time.
I use the starburst sometimes just for flickering of starship engines but I only animate either the luminosity of the object I want to glow and flicker or I animate the strength of the light source if I use one.

My use is more gambling than professionalism but I often get quite good results. Go on testing :)


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Thanks Doc
Agree on all points. The camera path editor is something I really miss. I see it in the preview and reach to select a point to move....ha....the good old days. I am learning though. I do not just think in my head...oh that should be....-2200, 800,5445....yet... :)

I could, I guess just move the lights....that is what I was used to rotating the whole hemisphere with an empty.