Basic Orbital Detail

Started by WAS, May 25, 2018, 02:03:04 AM

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Basic orbital detail setup to mess around with. This also includes a basic idea for procedural continents. You can elaborate on this with large scale warping (warp shader and redirect), and large scale fractal warping with low warping. The WIPs I have don't look good enough to share but could easily be refined by someone that understands redirecting with PFs or functions better. My attempts are way to harsh and rough.


Nice, thanks for sharing so much!

- Oshyan


Opss! I didn't see this. Thanks for sharing.



Thanks, it's very basic, was just hoping to give an idea of how to throw together continents and mountains.



Looks good, will try it later, takin a break from guitar for a bit tonite. Thanks.
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