Terragen Photoshop Actions

Started by WAS, June 15, 2018, 09:24:34 PM

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I would like to create Photoshop actions based on my technique for making Terragen renders "pop", and would like some help. More meant for darker default lighting scenes, or when the sun is a bit low and too dark without adjusting sun brightness.

See, my current v1 mock is based on my small resolution, and quality. So I hoping someone may be able to provide my some landscape/foliage renders in larger resolutions, and different lighting (time of day like morning/sunset, noon, midday, evening). This would help me create actions which work truer to larger resolutions and finer detail. If anyone wants to help, that'd be fantastic.

Feel free to check out the actions too. They're pretty simply as far as compatibility goes for Photoshop versions. The most notable thing I guess would be Smart Sharpen which is not in my other installation of PS which is CS (first CS). This was made in CS5. With that in mind, interested in compatibility between versions. I'm not sure when Smart Sharpen was added.

Action Usage:

  • Open a Terragen TIFF/BMP in Photoshop
  • Select the "Background" layer
  • Hit Alt + F9 to open the Actions window pane (or click Windows -> Actions)
  • Click the Menu dropdown on the right hand side of the Actions window pane and select "Load Actions..."
  • Navigate to the extracted ATN file and load it.
  • Inside your Actions window pane you should find a folder "WASasquatch Actions". Click the arrow to drop down it's contents.
  • Select "Terragen Photorealism (MPD 0.6 AA 6)" and click the "Play" icon in the bottom of the Actions window pane.
  • Enjoy or hate the effect it produces...

Additional Notes

  • Layers may need custom opacity changes per-scene
  • Fake AO may require masking, which is why it has a mask set to reveal all to paint on.
  • No changes were made for preview images