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Started by Dune, June 24, 2018, 09:25:52 am

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I managed to do it right with the G1 male, but with the child I can't get it right. Opened in LW they both look exactly the same (poly-wise), but in DAZ the figures get way distorted.
Base figure dialed to 100%, lowest quality, exported, opened in ZB, changed appearance, exported, in DAZ I loaded the same base G1 child figure at 100%, object morph loader pro, find morphed child, and it was accepted. But then it either gets flat, or very small (zero, sort of), or twice the size, or when moving arms and legs, the child gets proportions that even Neanderthalparents wouldn't have liked.
If anyone know the drill, I'd very much appreciate some advice in this.

Anyway, I guess Hannes can make something very nice with this flattened child  ;D

j meyer

Why don't you do in ZB?


After posing you mean? I do that too, but I wanted a 'out-of-the-box' Neanderthal to begin with. Saves time.
I think I know why it didn't work, though; the child is probably already a G1 morph, so I morphed on a morph, which doesn't work, afaik. For a Neanderthalchild I should probably make the whole child from a G1, including the bigger head.
But maybe (for the few more I still need) it's indeed better to do all in ZB.