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Started by J_Con, June 25, 2018, 05:50:17 pm

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Hi All. Just testing some stuff. Gas Giant by WASasquatch.Planets are 2k comped in hitfilm.Music by John Williams.
The vimeo account is under a pseudonym.


Looks nice.
Just one thing; shouldn't the gas giant wider on the equator side?



Yes, looks good! I guess it's the aspect ratio of the movie that makes the planets look a bit elongated.


Thanks all for the comments.

Kadri, yes, that planet should bulge slightly. I did not factor that in.
Hannes, I think you are correct about the aspect ratio as I noticed that and then checked the size of the planes the images are on. They are square.
Doc, it is indeed. I looked around the web for gas giant creation software but could not find anything quite as good as Was's file. He is very prolific.


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Quote from: Kadri on June 25, 2018, 06:27:51 pm

Looks nice.
Just one thing; shouldn't the gas giant wider on the equator side?

Planets, of all types, are not circles, or spheres, they're ellipsoids. They, in fact, have one more dimensional axis, or radii (would love to see this in TG). Earth has a 0.3% variance and serves as a great example of a spheroid planet, but still is not. Jupiter only has a 7% variance from pole to equator, and isn't actually really noticeable. You'd actually have to be comparing axis curves. This figure of variance changes between all gas giants in existence. For example. Some could spin on a top axis, and thus appear stretched, though the moons, and clouds, would tend to follow this gravitational influence.