In the Summertime

Started by luvsmuzik, July 04, 2018, 01:46:17 pm

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tiny cloud puffs and lights for fire fly

Mantissa mushroom tree

Terragen presets
generic tree
Wood anemone

3 leaf clover (ashunder?)
masonpappy's file share grass

fake stones
haze 14
Sun 3

More plans for this but I have to make a fire fly .... :)

Anybody know if the old dew drop clip works on a population? I get very strange results, I did it before on an object and it worked fine, but before TG4 ....


Nice - looks like summertime evening!


This is great lovely atmosphere, though I just have two concerns. The firefly light being directional, and casting so far with such a dramatic fall-off is a bit odd. And the gargantuan alder leaves look a little off, but I'm familiar with white and red alders.


You could try a floating pop of tiny stretched stones as fireflies, just sit them on a displaced pf and they hover at all altitudes above ground. Illuminate them, and see what happens.


Thanks all! Taking advise to experiment with.  :)

It is in the warm summer that they enjoy the freedom to venture out at night time, their paths and  sky illuminated by the lighters that hide in the day....

Balmora House by Elise / file sharing


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Child's Play

She thinks they should live in her doll house. He thinks the dinosaurs should eat them. For now, a few are in the jar!

Hanne's brass shader and thin glass shader on jar.


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Now the dolls are safe in the jar too and the dinosaurs shall eat plants!  :)

Phillipe and Tereze
xoio static models


I love that the people are in the jar. <3




something borrowed,
something Blue.
Ring out the Old.
Bring in the New
Bobby Stahr, Paracosmologist


I really like how the leaves of the tree look like. Are they really somehow bent, or is it just the texture?


Thanks everyone! Just a little humor, I thought... ;D

Quote from: Hannes on July 08, 2018, 05:21:13 am
I really like how the leaves of the tree look like. Are they really somehow bent, or is it just the texture?

This tree is Generic_tree from the Creative TG presets. It has a lovely defined leaf texture. As it is a tgo, I can't examine the mesh. I have seen a method of subdividing the leaf mesh rectangle just once, and bending up a corner or two to mimic wind force etc before grouping the final leaf. I suspect this is not done too often to keep down the size of the obj.

The tree also has a hanging lower branch that almost touches the ground, so I made use of the peek perspective ..... :)