Simple planet setup... needs work!

Started by Dune, July 18, 2018, 06:24:30 AM

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AP asked me to have a look at a planet file (which needed foam on beaches), so I made some (completely different) setup based on one PF. Might be of interest to someone. But it needs a lot of work!


That looks mighty interesting! Thanks Ulco!


It was quickly done, so don't hold it against me  8)


That's great! Love the transition between what looks like warped PFs and the actual mountains. Seems a tad over scale for the curvature of the planet though :P


It was quickly done, so don't hold it against me 8)


Thank you! A nice~to~have in the Basic setups arsenal.
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Cool, a handy share though I rarely, almost never get that far from Earth lately heh heh, 'cepting when I space out .
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Oh, good that I saw this! In the third part of my film I will urgently need something like this ;)
Thank you for sharing, Ulco!


Thank you for the file, Ulco! I'll try to figure out how to adapt it to my needs.
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