Terragen 3: unrecognised key on Windows 10

Started by briareos_kerensky, August 06, 2018, 01:21:46 am

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Good day everyone,
the workplace received new computers with Windows 10 and so I had to reinstall Terragen 3, the only version of the program I have a license for. I've downloaded the installer for version 3.4 (build from here, and used the key I have (tg3key.lic).
Every time I start Terragen the program is in trial mode, asking me to buy/use free version/add the key file. I choose the latter, the key is apparently accepted, and Terragen prompts me to restart the program to activate it. I restart the program and the same trial mode prompt appears.
I've tried to copy the license file directly into the Program Files directory but upon starting Terragen I'm told the key is corrupted or the license period has expired.

I've tried to start the program as administrator, in Win7 compatibility mode, and a mix of the two, with the license key in Terragen's install directory or somewhere else, but I'm still not able to have the license recognised.

I wasn't the one who actually bought the license (it had to go through our internal approval/purchase process) but IIRC it was for Terragen 3 Pro + Animation with 5 additional rendering nodes. One more problem is that the person who bought the program has left the company and left very little paper trail for this particular purchase and everything I know is he licensed the program to himself (not the company) and he bought "Terragen 3".

Maybe Terragen 3.4 is outside the maintenance program, if there was one for Terragen 3? If so, are there older versions of T3 available to download, or is this a known problem between T3 and Win10?

Thank you for the support.


If we can find a record of the license we will send you a replacement key. Please send an email to support AT planetside.co.uk with as many details as you can about the name of the person who bought it, email address if possible, name of the company etc. or anything else which might help us confirm the purchase. You can also include the key file in the email, as it might be possible to recover information from it.

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