Safari - The Animation

Started by DocCharly65, November 22, 2018, 08:49:33 am

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Stunning! And very funny! You have a wonderful sense of humor.

I've been sharing your trailers with my family on our large-screen TV. The images and sound quality are top-notch, so professional. Your work is paying off. (This could be the start of your upstate NY fan base. :D)


Fantastically well-executed as usual! Even your human character looked really good. I am honestly a bit less into the centaur (the skin shading on the African woman seemed better?), but the story piece there is great. Overall excellent, as we have come to expect! :D

Oh and in regards to the large YouTube window/preview, well, that is the default setting of the plugin. I have just changed it to be smaller and I think it is more aesthetic on larger screens.

- Oshyan


Thanks Steve - wow my own NY fan base! So exciting ... I hope not to disappoint you in the future :)

Thanks Oshyan! The smaller YT window looks nicer in my eyes - less intrusive.

I share your thoughts about the centaur girl. I think the unicorns are even worse. But I had some trouble with the models. Usually I can fix it - especially the 3DRT models are extremely low-poly and usually I can easily fix it by subdividing and smoothing. After doing that here, I got too big gaps when I tried to separate object parts for give the horse part and the girls part different textures. So I used a middle way for getting enough roughness of the horse part and reflection of the girls body. Really not perfect but after 2 months testing around I lost a bit my patience... sorry. I fear this will sometimes happen again with object sequences.

This will be a scene, I perhaps work on again at the end of all, when I have finished the rest of the film and increased my blender and Terragen skills.

Unfortunately many scenes will be of quite different quality because of the long time I am running this project. Some animations are finished and waiting since years to get their correct chronological place in the film...  ::) ???


I really dig this, very well done
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I have to say Doc that this is quite good. Did you say this is for a film you are doing? Fun putting together scenes isn't it? I love the backlit shot with the low sun, very good angle. One small thing you might do is add enough of a motion blur on the faster camera shot with the birds, looks a little unreal without it. First lady looks great. Maybe you mentioned this before, but do you render out elements to edit or is this just straight out of TG? Nicely done anyway!


Thanks :)

I knew, something bothered me with the birds scene... you've got it! ...  I hope I don't forget to re-render when it's time for the scene in the film chronology :)

All animations are TG-Rendered only. The animated objects are object sequences with one object per frame. (e.g. about 2400 sparrow-models  :o 8) ::) ) It#s perhaps not the most elegant way but it's my way and somehow the heart of the project. Once ago I described it like this: I do something like building the Empire State Building only with matches and wood glue in 1:10 scale. Stupid idea - somehow - but no one stops me so far - so on ;)