Why won't these files render--even just render badly?

Started by daudvyd, August 16, 2018, 07:27:55 pm

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Hi everyone. I'm writing a Python script that "mutates" Terragen files. Sometimes the mutations are interesting. However, two files have proven correct enough to load into Terragen 4 and to load into the commandline renderer, but do not even begin to generate an image--even after five hours. Can anyone figure out why?  I'd prefer it to just render a bad image and move onto the next file!


Your displacements are so extreme, it is no wonder it takes ages to get something rendered. If you want to find the culprit disable one node at the time and see what is in the preview. Then tackle that node for more 'normal' displacement. But as far as I went, almost all your nodes use quite extreme values. It wouldn't be a nice render anyway.


Thanks. I checked the micropoly and antialiasing settings in the render node but was unsure what else to check. Yeah, the mutation python scripts makes one good image for every 300 bad images. One problem is that I don't know reasonable paramters ranges. Still a work in progress...


Geez, this is indeed some wild project. After 15 minutes with my 16GB RAM, I am at 40% of render preview. But maybe you could just find another method for achieving the intended result? Whatever it may be.
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Thanks for checking the problem. Part of the project is learning to avoid or skip files like these!

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Your camera was below the terrain in one of those, and in the other the camera was so low you wouldn't see much of anything in the render.  You probably would have better luck with this project using a much higher camera position, like in outer space.  ;)