About changing licensee name

Started by Solaris, August 17, 2018, 04:13:34 am

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I have bought Terragen since it's version 2 which was under my own specific name, but on version 3 & 4 for personal financial reason i had to use my father billing details, in the past i don't need to works on Terragen so much so in 4.2 i wanted to make sure licensee details is under my own name for my country possible changes of rules, i have had asked my father to send the request changes of licensee details and contact as per-support request, it's already been more than 1 days since around yesterday my father sent the e-mail.

I really hope that the support will change it that it's just matter of time differences and holiday.


We are dealing with this in the support email. A name change is no problem. We were at SIGGRAPH and had very little spare time, so we are catching up now.

- Oshyan


I hope that you guys at planetside secured some good deals at SIGGRAPH , really appreciated for the good news about the name change. Will wait for the change, thanks again  :)