Philpott Lake Campsite 20

Started by masonspappy, August 26, 2018, 12:08:29 am

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Trying to decide if I'm done with this one. C&C's welcome and appreciated.
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Great piece! There's hardly any comment needed, I think, or I'd be nitpicking. If you want me nitpick; move the camera a tiny bit to the left so the partly hidden trunk behind the first one is just revealed, make some fake grass in distance (left), it's kinda flattish there.
Perhaps make the underwater rocks less, or more like rocks. But I can also see them as half-buried rocks with silt on top.
Perhaps also some more camping items, such as some cutlery, pots and pan, some stuff campers leave lying around outside their tent.
And finally, maybe some dirt on the canoe, or some old scratches and patches, you know, so it doesn't look brandnew. And some wrinkles (bump) on the tent. I use a wrinkled cloth tile for my clothes sometimes, just to give it some more reality.
But if you leave it as is, it's very good already.


Lady of the Lake

Very nice.  Maybe the canoe is brand spanking new.   ;) 



Copy-paste from Ulco :)

I agree with all points but the most important thing to do is in my eyes the suggestion with the camera.
The camera moved/rotated a bit to the left could bring more balance to the whole view.

But the same from me: if you leave it as is, it's very beautiful! (I love that clean boat :) )


Thanks folks.  Great suggestions and very much appreciated.

Having been on many camping trips I know that setting up camp entails a lot of stuff lying around the campsite. (Unfortunately, I tended to leave stuff behind and never got it back  :'(    )
And very much agree that the brand spanking new canoe stems from wishful thinking;   the canoe I actually had was a 14 foot plastic thing that looked like it had been sandpapered by a gorilla.

will post the revised image when it's ready.

Thanks again!


Dune's advice is good, I've nothing to add except Well Done. Overall a nicely composed scene.
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Wow something new. Well done nice render!
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So, one more time. Added a few camping items and gave the canoe a rougher texture.  Thought about the stones a bit then decided to leave them as is, because I remember them as being kind of covered with silt and a bit of aquatic plant stuff.  Also rearranged a few trees so as to better accommodate the stump and firepit.
Thanks again for the feedback - very much appreciated!


Very nice, I would love to camp and fish there! I really like the canoe model. I can't tell if the reddish ground cover is fake stones, or is it some sort of texture?


Very nice new Details! A big "Like"!

Couldn't the canoe be a bit cleaner?  ;D  ;D

Sorry - bad joke - I liked the clean one and I like the used one too! :)


Oh yeah, this is great! One of your better/best works again.


Lady of the Lake