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Started by Dune, August 28, 2018, 06:01:27 am

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How come I don't see a reply button, while others can reply to an announcement? Is it Firefox or Mac related? Nothing important, just curious...


Must be the Netherlands then.  :P ;)

But seriously, I just checked it and it works with my Foxy. Mac is a different pair of shoes - when my Safari got outdated, I got various weird stuff going on in the browser and it did include various buttons missing (like on job search pages). I understand it's not the latter since you are using Mozilla.
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Ah, it's Trump-related!  :D I'm on Win7 and if you are too, it must be.


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Perhaps old remnant user groups? I know you're a long time user and I'm sure you account has been migrated to newer versions of SMF. Not sure how SMF works but I know in old versions of vB I was working with the permissions were there own table and there were than usergroups applied permissions, and than users affiliated with the groups, while the groups and users were all affiliated by incremental IDs which could (and did) get mixed up when migrating DBs. Probably not exact case here but if the button just isn't there, sounds like user permissions of some sort.


Ah, Oshyan is to blame! I'll have a word with him  ;) Well, he's bound to read this after his well deserved holiday anyway.


I have a similar issue, I can't reply to any post started by Oshyan or Matt.
FireFox and MS Edge.
Must be some kind of permission thing ... scratches head.

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Looks like alpha testers are not allowed there  >:( Before others replied I thought it was normal, because it's an announcement after all, no discussion.


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