Cloud Warper Function

Started by WAS, August 28, 2018, 04:39:56 pm

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This would be a cool function to see in future builds of the v3 cloud. Basically it's just a Warp Input but applied to whole cloud layer. I notice warping clouds is getting popular, and can yield some realistic results in some instances, but when you warp just the noise, your warping gets cut off by the cloud boundaries and can be very noticeable.

To defeat this, I have been setting up my V3 clouds using a depth of 10km and using a Surface Layer with my fractal noise in the child and breakup. I than use altitude constraints to create my clouds height boundaries.

I can than use a warping setup on the whole surface layer and achieve cool effects without the shapes leaving the surface layer boundaries being cut-off by the clouds boundaries.

Just a thought, as I know the same sort of "layering" effects are probably applied within the cloud nodes themselves on some level?