advice and help please

Started by andyref, November 13, 2007, 02:02:21 pm

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Hi I am new on this site and have just downloaded Terragen v0.9, I have just filmed a few shots of actors in scenes with green screen and would love to add a running backdrops like the ones ive been viewing on this site .
Sadly I can not find a good tutorial or anything that can explain step by step .
Please can anyone help or advise me on how I can achieve my goal.
I am using sony vegas 6 and fxhome visionlab for my editing and effects.


If you're asking for help on how to composite a green screen shot with that specific software, this might not be a great place to ask.  However, if you need help using Terragen, you could download the Terragen documentation from the Planetside site or ask more specific questions here.  There might also be people here willing to put a Terragen scene together for you. - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.