Free 'easy' planets in After Effects

Started by René, September 19, 2018, 03:37:56 am

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Wow, that's amazing! And it's free!
Thanks a lot for the link. I love to listen to Andrew Kramer.


Oh wow this looks cool. I miss after effects. Was really fun messing around with it, and coming from Photoshop there was hardly any learning curve besides timing and new menus it seemed like.

This is really convincing looking, wonder what it's using for it's backend.


Check out the tutorial on their site, explains a lot of the workings.
It is good but it is limited to using textures for bump (no displacement) and diffuse/luminosity and glossy. Basically don't get too close. Certainly interesting to see if you could create some Terragen crossover scenes using the best of both .

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