Can I remove terrain with the painted shader?

Started by marshill, September 21, 2018, 08:46:38 am

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So I'm new to t4 and having a blast so far!  I have the pro version.  I figured out how to tie a painted shader to displacement using the help page on this site.  But what I really wanted was to have my painted shader remove terrain (i'd like to create a canyon) but instead it raises terrain.  I couldn't find an example of removing terrain on the help page Painted Shader guide here:    is there another function in T4 that allows me to dig terrain manually?


ahh silly me I just typed in a negative number and it worked.  The graphical GUI did not go below zero


Glad you were able to resolve this. Terragen is pretty robust/flexible and allows values outside of the slider range to be typed into almost any input field. Sometimes this is very useful, sometimes the results are just crazy. ;) Generally the slider range tries to represent a good or reasonable range of values, but feel free to try outside of those values (except I would generally not recommend doing so on e.g. the detail/quality sliders in most cases).

- Oshyan