Heightfield Generate - Weird Displacement

Started by WAS, September 27, 2018, 01:27:13 AM

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What's up with the waves in Heightfields?

When generating from terrain, it doesn't seem to read it all that well at all, and adds symmetrical/even waves all throughout the heightmap. Is this a symptom of resolution?

I understand the detail and stuff is to make it look better, but I was creating a "exporter scene", so I could export the erosion, by piping the result through another heightfield generate and saving that, which is when I noticed this interesting effect. I went back to another scene and noticed these same waves subtly present under displacement.


Isn't that just the perlin noise? Subtle diffences get exaggerated when pulled up.


It's all Voronoi Billows, actually, and the base hills are smoothed on a scale of 25m, with another PF of smaller voronoi billows, and than a surface layer offsetting the hilltops with a fuzzy zone of 2m with Strata and Outcrops as it's child.

I'm trying a 4096 generate now instead of 1000 to see if it's resolution related.


Does seem to be an unfortunate symptom of how the heigtmap reads terrain and translates to the Number of Points or Resolution. At 4096 we get a cluster of these waves. I imagine even at 10k resolution it'd be pretty line-y. Must be the reason for the variation and fractal noise.  Kinda messes with canyons from shaders