Can someon help me? I'm trying to render an animation

Started by marshill, October 09, 2018, 07:20:50 pm

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I submitted 350 frames to Pixel Plow and now I have a full directory of high-resolution .tiff's, 350 of them.  I want to use these already rendered .tiff's to create a 29.97 fps video, how do I do this?  When I click 'render sequence' in the program, it simply acts like it's going to re-render all of the images that I already have finished.


You must now composite these in a video editor. You then set frame rate and output type (most choose mp4) More advanced editors have many more options, frame blending for example. I would also check the Terragen Animation page here in the forum, there are some useful links there.

There are many free or trial packages available. I think Photoshop can do this also. I use Blender 2.79 which is free. Microsoft has a video editor, but it is more for slide shows in my opinion for the home user.

For 350 frames, you will probably yield animation 8 to 10 seconds, depending....


oh thanks.  I guess I thought I could do it all in Terragen.  I will go find a program now, thank you.  yea probably just 10 seconds, and pixelplow ran me over 50 bucks hah.  Still....this program is awesome.


You may try "Video Mach" too. Free version adds a little company logo to each frame, but it's not too invasive.
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