Bumpmapping Question

Started by Aenea, October 19, 2007, 08:56:00 am

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I just stumbled over this question...

I know it´s possible to get some structure on stones, surfaces etc.

It works well with object (I just figured out that you have to load a bump-image into the displacement and just put the displacement to 0 to avoid strange pictures *lol*)

Okay, but is there another possibility to get some structure i.e. on stones? I used the fake stone shader to get stones and put an image map onto them. They have a nice colour and all, and even a bit structure (from the fake stone shader I suppose), but is there a way to get a better structure onto them? Through the image map shader? If, where do I have to place a bumpmap? Or do I have to use one of those other neat shaders available in terragen? (If....which one does some structure to stones, surfaces etc??? I get lost with all those possibilies and maybe someone of you well-trained guys can give me a hint???? *smile*)

Thanks so much in advance for any help on that!



Any shader that gives you displacement can be used. The displacement in a normal surface shader also requires a displacement function. You can use a BW fractal or image bump map for this. There should be some examples in the file sharing section.