planet heading/elevation animation not updating

Started by badbie, November 02, 2018, 06:47:36 am

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Hey so maybe this was asked befor but I didn't see it. I am trying to animate a moon setting in the sky. Simple heading and elevation change. I plot out my two keys where I want them. Text is green and I think I'm good to go. However when I scrub through the time slider the values change but the planet stays in the same place in the preview. I thought maybe it was a graphical glitch so I rendered out a few frames and still no movement. I doubt I could have done something wrong. I have animated sun movement many times, but maybe there is an animation toggle hidden somewhere? Oh I also baked out all the keys. Still the moon does not orbit/set. Hope its a simple fix!



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I seem to remember there is a bug that prevents these parameters from being key framed directly. However, you can make this work by setting keys on the Position or Centre parameter after changing the heading and elevation.
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Thanks Matt! seems to be working out just fine. Glad it wasn't a nightmare to handle!  ;D