NWDA: New Freebie in the Shop - Procedural River Maps (RGB Maps)

Started by DannyG, November 11, 2018, 10:10:04 am

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New freebie from WASasquatch (Jordan Thomson)
Procedural River Maps, with a need to create a drop in solution to creating rivers without cluttering a project building a river from the ground up. PRM outputs an RGB map which can be split into their appropriate corresponding maps.


Red - Red Channel is the Valley Map which is a large map that can be used to carve out the rivers valley through rugged terrain.

Green - Green Channel is the Banks Map which is the outer shores of the river. It can be used (inverted) as a mask for Valley Details, to further slope the banks of the river, isolate river bank overhangs, etc.

Blue - Blue Channel is the actual river map which can be used in a Displacement Shader or Surface Layer to create the carved river bed.

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