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Started by KlausK, November 14, 2018, 07:47:11 am

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Hi, this is something I find rather counter intuitive:

opening the Node Network in a new window to have it full screen on a separate monitor is something I like to do a lot.
Even having more then 1 Node Network view in a New Window. Then I maximize the 3D Preview in the GUI.
As soon as I use any of the buttons which jump to the Node Network Group associated with the button
(Objects, Terrain, Shaders, Water etcpp), the Node Network in the GUI pops up again and splits the interface.

Do I miss anything here? Is that something I can off somehow? Isn`t that destroying somehow the purpose of the view in a New Window?

I think it would be helpful to disable all the group buttons at the top of the GUI for the interface and have them either alter the Node Network
on the separate Monitor only or disable them as soon as the Node Network is opened in a new window.
The Group buttons in the Node Network view themselves only affect the window I am in clicking them.

Maybe that`s an idea to be considered. Thanks.
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Yes, that can be very irritating.  Maybe a "lock preview window" checkbox?
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The Layouts (buttons at the top) are independently configured. If you want *no* node networks in *any* layout, you need to go through all of them and close the node network in each one. Then they should not reappear without your say-so (for that session). I now that's a little bit laborious. Configurable (and save-able) layouts would be nice for the future (we have it in our issue tracker as a feature request).

- Oshyan


Yes, I see the problem. I'll do something about this.

They are called Layout buttons, and each one remembers which panes are open in the main window, and some of their settings. Each layout also remembers which node to select in the Node List at the top left. When a node is selected, it finds it in the Network View. It doesn't go to a group, it goes to whichever node is selected.

If you close the Node Network in each layout, they should not open again in the current session. Although it's annoying, you only have to close it once for each layout.

I agree that it shouldn't do this if you have a separate Node Network window open.
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Thank you both for that workaround. That is quickly done.
Especially so because I am on 4.1.25 and I assume any change of that behaviour will not find its way into a older version of TG.
I remember now I posted thoughts about the interactions / connections of the Layout buttons and my workflow back in the days
TG 4.x came out, I think. Still cannot really get used to how it is setup ;)
CHeers, Klaus
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