water reflection noise

Started by jysirius, November 15, 2018, 04:54:11 am

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There is a rendering problem, a completely calm water reflection of the reflection of the snow-capped mountains. If the camera movement is rendered, then the reflection of the snow-capped mountains will have many noise, but the snow-capped mountains themselves don't have noise, and the boundary between the water surface and the snow-capped mountains is also shaking. I tried everything that I could try and I didn't solve it. I asked everyone. One thing, when I enabled ray trace everything, the noise disappeared, but the rendering speed was 8 times slower...


Can you post those renders so we can have a look?


like this mov,thanks


Is your Ray Detail Multiplier set to 1? This seems to be a ray issue.


I tried to AA ,detail, ray detail region,ray detail region padding, lock to frame,GI setting, Ray detail multiplier,check animation,lighting setting, atmosphere sample,surface shader setting,and so on... 
all of these hadn't solved the problem. I also found out, no noise occurs when the camera is rotated, but noise appears when the camera moves. :'( :'(


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thanks WASasquatch, you're right , i had tried to set the Ray Detail Multiplier , it can't solved this.


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Hi, welcome to the forum!

If "Ray trace everything" solves it, that's good news. In Terragen 4.3 Release Candidate there's a new feature called "Defer all shading". This gives you the same level of anti-aliasing quality on the water (and terrain) that "Ray trace everything" does, but it's usually much faster.

If your maintenance was current on August 23 of this year, you can get the 4.3 Release Candidate by checking for updates in the app.
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