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November 16, 2018, 04:59:08 am Last Edit: November 16, 2018, 05:01:26 am by DocCharly65
Sorry - was some days offline... had a new idea how to realize an old project.
Since Ulcos work on his herd of reindeer I have a new weird dream: I want to animate a stampede in my film.

The first step is to practice a little with small animated animal populations. So I unpacked and modified my old Safari TGDs. The animation render jobs are already running.

Unfortunately I have to shock all vegetarians and vegans deeply: Grass HAS BONES!!! - 50 per tuft of grass ... (so that it can bend in the wind)
::) 8) :o ;) ;D

Animation still 1 (sunrise):

Animation still 2 (late morning)

... to be continued in the animation area :)

Before I forget:
all animals by 3DRT
all (original) plants by xFrog (some rigged and animated in blender3D)



Oh so clever! Can't wait. ;D
Love the sunrise image!


Nice distributions, both versions are very well done
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Thank you all :)

The late morning version could be almost ready when I come back from Dusseldorf on Sunday. And even the first 30 frames look promising so far.

The Sunrise will be a 500h render job (on the old i7 it would be 750  ::) ) because the usage of "receive shadows from the surfaces" and the "glowing sphere in front of the sun - technics"
Also I hope the landing stork will look ok - the animation parts didn't fit 100% so I'm curious.

All in all I hope to get a plausible though not really 100% authentic look :)


Can't wait, good luck on render times heh heh
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Great stuff as always!!!! Can't wait!


Oh how did I miss this? This is great! I think I like the sunset version the best as far as layout of the animals with the substance of the scene together.

Agura Nata

So wonderful my friend, looks great!
"Live and Learn!"


Can't wait to see this. Stills look terrific.


Thanks to all of you :)
Some good news and some bad news:
When I came back from Dusseldorf I found one PC with a successful update of the security software and a render error in a bucket... pfff!  ::) :-[
Checking details I found out that It had stopped rendering half an hour after I left my home!  :( :( :(
In the other animation (the sunrise scene) a tree in the foreground was not looking as I wished so I adjusted some things and restarted.

But the good news: I started a 3rd animation render job...
First 11 frames give me hope it will work. Just guess what it will be  ;)  :



Ah, a stampede. Nice. Who gets trampled?

So your render machine is online, pff. I thought you'd have a different offline machine for those jobs.


Unfortunately I have not yet organized a useful control for online access. The PCs are all in a network because since I do these animations via hundreds of GB obj-sequences I share the models on a NAS for all machines to save HDD space. Works good but so all render machines are online too.

But if the problems only appear so seldom, I am too lazy to care about a complex network solution.


I see. Well, I hope win 10 will keep quiet then next time  ;)