Chemin forestier

Started by Antoine, November 28, 2018, 08:16:17 am

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I wanted to try something different. This is done using path tracing renderer. There are still some noise in some areas but I have to limit render time.
Settings : Micropoly detail : 0.7
Antialiasing : 0.8
This time I used exaggerate surface detail.



Wonderful render! The light is superb and veggies come out very well.


another one of these WOW!!!-renders - Great! :)


Beautiful! And a perfect showcase for path tracing, this quality wouldn't be possible without it.

Jo Kariboo


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Truly beautiful! Is the AA really point eight?


Beautiful render. I have shared this on Twitter (@cloudsinmytea)
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Thank you all !

QuoteIs the AA really point eight?

No of course, this was a mistake on my part, it was at 8.



Very nice! Very realistic. You may be able to save on Render time be lowering AA to 0.6 and upping voxel scattering quality.
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I notice you are using a lot of PBR textures. For close up non tiling work I really think this is the way forward.

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Wonderful render. Love the vegetation and lighting!

- Terje
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Wow, beautiful indeed! Were you using the new Robust adaptive sampling option? If not, you should try it, will probably increase quality/lower render time, especially for path tracing.

WAS, Voxel Scatter Quality is only going to have an effect if these are v3 clouds, which as has been discussed here before is not really necessary for thin mist like this. So if it is v3, rather than reduce AA and up voxel scatter, I'd just switch to v2 clouds, and probably save even more render time with higher lower noise results. Although changing to v2 clouds might take more adjustment time to match this result if it's already v3...

- Oshyan


Hi Oshyan !

Thank you !
Yes I did use adaptive robust sampling, with a setting at 1/256 first samples. And you're right, I used V3 clouds, out of habit. Next time for a scene like this I will consider V2 as a better choice.