Terragen 4 never starts generating GI cache files..

Started by yesmine, December 04, 2018, 10:56:08 pm

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I've used Terragen 3 for a long time, but lately I've been trying out Terragen 4 (4.2 I think). I was mainly looking to see if renders were faster before I break down and build a faster machine. However, there is one issue  I've been working on since yesterday and that I'd like to ask someone with knowledge.

I've been trying to build a GI cache file for my latest project..it's about 1800 frames in an animation. I've set up my GI cache options and then tested rendering the cached files  in both T3 and T4 (the original file was created in T3 if that makes a difference.) If I test rendering out the sequence in T3, the cache files start being generated fairly quickly, one every 3 minutes. But if I open the scene in Terragen 4 and then try to generate the GI cache files...it seems like it starts but then it sits at "Preparing to render" forever. It never actully generates the files.  After a long while, if I check Windows Task Manager it will show Terragen  is "not responding" and  I'm forced to shut down Terragen.

Is this a known issue with different versions of Terragen


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GI cache output is a licensed version feature. I don't see a Terragen 4 purchase from you (unless it's under a different name/email), and from your description you said you're "trying it out", so I assume you have not purchased yet. I presume that you are using the Free version then, which cannot generate GI cache files.

- Oshyan


Oh sorry...I've been testing on a computer belonging to someone else to see how it runs, and his does have GI cache working apparently. That said, there must be something in my scene that's causing an issue generating the cache files. I retested generating them in v3.3 which worked as expected, so I'll see if I can figure it out. Thank you.