Eon customer relations sour

Started by cyphyr, December 05, 2018, 11:21:42 am

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It seems from talk on the FB forums that Eons latest release is annoying many of its users. Bu going to a subscription only model they seem to be alienating their base. Not the wisest move I would have thought.
Subscription software certainly has its place, studios can ramp up their seats as required and only have to pay as needed, but for smaller studios and hobbyist it adds an unwanted and otherwise unnecessary expense.
I am glad that Terragen is keeping the option for permanent licences open as well as adding in a subscription model.
We may well see some more Vue users coming over to Terragen if Eon can not find a way of satisfying their lower end market.

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Right. If a hobbyist or even pro uses some software only occasionally, he/she would be put off indeed. I would!


Their website is finally back up https://info.e-onsoftware.com/home it only took a few years :-)


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A while ago I made the mistake of loading up about US$200 into Cornucopia 3D with the aim being to buy a stack of plants, and then their site went boom

That was a year ago

And they're refusing to return my money - basically hiding behind their T&Cs

They are without doubt the worst company I've ever dealt with for customer relations - leaving aside ethically / morally they are so far out of line it's not funny, and that legally they are in a hole if I ever felt it was worth suing them, they're being dumb as a rock p***ing off customers like me over $200. It'll cost them thousands of dollars to deal with the fraud allegation i'm about to submit to Visa, and if I can persuade a single customer not to pay for a year of their Creator suite they've lost out financially. Crazy really.

Don't get me wrong, I love Vue in some ways - aside from the stability and speed issues, I've produced some great images (for me at least) using it, but I'll never deal with Bentley E-on ever again.

By comparison, having used Terragen for years, I've always found the team here just great, and recommend them highly to anyone wondering which package to buy.