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Started by iaminonsiner, December 09, 2018, 05:03:42 am

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Quick question about planets :

In Terragen, I know how to make planet with the terrain I have by default ( zoom out I think ) but how can I make planet with my World Creator Terrain imported ?

Is it possible to reduce the size of the sphere we see when we zoom out and our terrain "encompasses" the entire sphere or something like that, spherize my terrain ?

For the moment, when I zoom out, I see my terrain on the degfult terrain, my terrain disappears and I see just the sphere with the default terrain.


You can make new planets (create object... planet/sphere) any size you want, but for a ready-made terrain to fit on it, I'd say you need a sphere-like terrain to begin with. I think you better make your planets procedural.


World Creator doesn't support the creation of spherical terrains. You can try to conform a normal World Creator terrain to a spherical planet, but it will distort in some areas and probably not look as you expect. I am not aware of any dedicated heightfield tools (World Creator, World Machine, Gaea, Instanterra, etc.) that work on spherical terrains at this time. Terragen can create full-planet spherical terrains using all procedural functions though.

- Oshyan